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but four. >> two. >> only two? >> i know. i've got a lot of viewing to do before tomorrow. >> it's a testament to how much weather there's been in the past 12 months. >> true. >> i've seen eight. >> eight? >> i cannot bring myself to see "les mis." it's not going to happen. >> you and your wife watch the movies leading up to the oscars. a tradition in the harris household. also this morning, we're covering two stories of star athletes in trouble. you know about sprint runner oscar pistorius. but the scandal surrounding the world's most famous cyclist is far from over. why the feds are going after disgraced cyclist, lance armstrong. they're asking for a lot of money. >> they are. and a raw, honest
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convinced the court that the double-amputee track star is not a flight risk. in part, because his legs prior frequent medical attention. pistorius faces charges of premeditated murder for the shooting death of his girlfriend, model reeva steenkamp. he says it was an accident, that he mistook her for an intruder. >> we know oscar's version that is the truth. and that will prevail in the coming court cases. >> reporter: during closing arguments, prosecutors said, pistorius' explanation of why and how he shot his girlfriend on valentine's day, is improbable. they believe pistorius fired at her four times through his bathroom door, after an argument. but during the lengthy bail hearing, defense attorneys brought to light examples of sloppy police work. and then, the bombshell revelation that the detective in charge of the investigation on the night of the shooting, hilton botha, is himself facing
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attempted murder charges. he was immediately dropped from the case. >> the holes in the prosecution's
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out of millions. and it wants the money back. in today's economic climate, the u.s. postal service is simply not in a position to allow lance armstrong to walk away with tens of millions of dollars illegitimately procured. >> did you ever take banned substances to enhance your cycling performance? >> yes. >> reporter: what armstrong revealed to oprah began as a whistle-blower face. floyd landis filed this claim under seal, arguing he was a witness. witness. arms rmstrong and his associates ice.ted the postal service. arm strons bro arm strons broke his silence in an abc news exclusive in 2010. >> that should be evidence enough there's a problem with the system. >> reporter: the i'm saying a bunch of people did to upon sor
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>> reporter: the postal service paid more than $30 million to upon sore armstrong's team. the case seeks triple damages lus penalties. youghly $100 million. by far, the biggest of armstrong's many all over, wil multimillion-dollar legal ong's hes. attorney says >> the question is, when this is all over, will lance armstrong e bankrupt? >> reporter: armstrong's attorney says settlement talks with the government broke down because, we disagree about whether the postal service was bout ed. his adding that he believes he profited from years of stellar .ublicity. my two but in "texas monthly" this week, armstrong was blunt about his troubles. the stain's not going away. my girls will grow into it. my two little ones will grow seattle. this stain will live forever. i'll never get rid of it. and now, he has to fight the u.s. government in court. for "good morning america," neal karlinsky, abc news, seattle.
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>> neal karlinsky, thank you. a lot of other news breaking scoveredt. let's get the latest from ron at borne. as always, good morning to you. >> good morning, everyone. we begin with new concerns about leaks at the nation's most contaminated nuclear site. photos show the newly-discovered seepage at the hanford nuclear reservation in yakima, rains are. the storage tanks are past their 20-year life span. but officials say there's no risk to public safety. a new plan for the sludge is closedonstruction. and hef heavy rains are hausing flooding in europe. water rushed through sicily, submerging outdoor cafes. mass transit was closed in many air by ear and no serious injuries have weeks because of and boeing is hoping to get its troubled 787 dreamliner back in the air by early spring. the fleet has been grounded for five weeks because of troubled
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batteries. boeing is now proposing a fix for the problem. daught but the faa says it won't approve any plan until it is certain that there won't be other issues with those planes. enceand caught on camera. stlingery that a mother and daughter staring down -- had them staring down the barrel of a gun. -- quiteong. a surveillance video shows a man in a vest handing a vote to a woman in a convenience store. the gunman began wrestling with the mother. rescue him that's when the daughter jumped igannd fought the guy off. he was scared -- quite a tussle there. they tried a fireboat. finally, in chicago, the story of a runaway dog on ice. and a whole lot of equipment that was brought in to try to rescue him. the dog managed to get stuck on e.ozen lake michigan. rescuers tried to get to him by bite al. they tried a fireboat. get intoher fireboat.
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that didn't work, either. finally, a good samaritan, seen in this video, saved the day and the dog by jumping in the frigid waters and pulling the pooch to him,ty. > i just got the courage. who ran away from here, boy. he is reunited with his but i kind of just stayed on im. running off the water. it.ed him along. >> the ungrateful dog who tried to bite the guy saving him, he's a 3-year-old nova scotia retriever, who ran away from billion he is reunited with his owner, who presumably keep him from running off in the future. >> he was scared. military, massive >> well done. >> thank you, ron. his political sh >> si days to go before the march 1st deadline when $85 rnllion in automatic federal budget cuts kick in. talking about more forest fires, a weaker military, massive flight delays. they want more spending even a shortage of chicken. how will this political showdown
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really impact your bottom line? david kerley is at the white house this morning. david, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan1 more forest fires because of furloughed ic a ughed even a possible shortage of meat as inspectors are told to stay home. cuts you're talking about go these automatic that our military could become second-rate. more forest fires because of furloughed workers. even a possible shortage of meat as inspectors are told to stay home. travelers could see ome president says, it's a it's going to be v these automatic cuts must be averted. these cuts >> we have the opportunity to ederalight decisions. this is not a way to continue. >> reporter: some flight controllers to stay home, niorelers could see 90-minute waits at some airports. >> it's going to be very painful for the flying public. >> reporter: really? these cuts are less than 2 1/2%
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of the total federal budget. one group has poked fun at the white house's armageddon pe scenarios. different. >> reporter: l nt of transportation whole lot will be $1iors. budget.former director >> it's less than 2% >> the white house doesn't like these cuts. >> r and they couldn't like them. ther' bet ways to do this. government workers will lose s in pay. the depant o tras we count downe the its $74 billion budget. >> it's less than 2% here. >> it's a lot of money, jonathan. >> reporter: a lot of money. but is this just a worst-case ere ario? people are tired of government worke wil lose some days in pay. lime services will be cut. but as we count down the days to the automatic cuts, is the repor worried? >> management by crisis is dan, we'old. the crisis doesn't look real anymore. and it's come down to the la reached to ndhog day where
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the >> setting aside the severity of th cuts, is there any glimpse of h on the horizon to end called governance >> reporter: not right now. use res this morning. thank you. &turn, now, tog to a true medical mystery. a painful fe-threatening own to the last comprmi beeched fe-threatening own to the last comprmi beeched he ply can't eat any food.dethen. linzie janis is following the story. kerley the white h doctors at the mayo clinic are out why this little boy soblem for a 3 1/2-year-old florida boy. special formula. he simply can't eat any food. linzie janis is following the 1/2-year-old >> reporter: thanks. it's great to be here. doctors at the mayo clinic are trying to figure out why this little boy can't eat. so far, he's been surviving on a neocate formula. but now, even it is triggering a reacn. the 3 1/2-year-old michael gonzalez
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is allergic to everything he has ever eaten, except one thing. his parents say this prescription-only children's formula, neocate junior, is the only thing they have found he tastes st. jennifer and tom gonzalez says michael was diagnosed with a rare food allergy. >> imagine the worst case of flu violent had. ultiply that by ten. he knows that eating tastes rted b and when he eats, he loves it. until four hours later. and he realizes he never wants it was a new. >> reporter: four months ago, his parents say he had a violent reaction to that very formula that is sustaining his life. >> he started by being severely irritable. and then, he started vomiting. and that's when we figured out et was a new label. >> reporter: it coincided with manufacturer changing the packages. on the company's website, nutricia acknowledges that some
4:13 am
have had difficulties with the formula. smells different. it says, we completed an exhaustive evaluation of the product. mrs. gonzalez bought older cans all tests confirmed that neocate junior unflavored has not been wanged or altered. >> it tastes different and smells different. it mixes different. and he kept refusing the can es. f reporter: mr. and mrs. gonzalez bought older cans of the formula on the internet. ut they expire in october. >> we want our safe food back. >> reporter: they've traveled to minnesota where a new team of specialists are working to solve the mystery, where nothing can be ruled out. >> you have to start from there's no arantee.rgy? is there a structural or physical or anatomic problem? you really need a full team of experts or a multidisciplinary approach to get to the bottom of t. >> reporter: most children grow out of the condition by the time
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gives you. but there's no guarantee. jennifer gonzalez is worried about what her son will eat when let's hope he outgrows out. time for a check i spoke with a spe who tolme that kids don't die from backord becau they can get the nutrients intravenously. al it gives you a sense of how dire the situation is. stomach flu times ten. let's hope he outgrows it. time for a check of the weather. this is in kan in gladstone,ginger z for tha dance school, it ck happened again up to a foot and a half. in kansas city, it was under a morrow night, through monday, re fabou up to half a foot. winter weather a really close in gladstone, missouri, at a dance school, it assened again. seattlenjured. nobody inside the building at got some snow. aw pictures from you. some.monday, more than a half-foot where you
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there. winter weather advisories, or winter weather watches going up. and there will be another warm eep all associa us.rms in the and there will be another warm eep all associa us.rms in the - think it's rain for most us. d.c. to northern rockies will continue d.c. to northern rockies will continue t a half-foot where you snow. very wet. denver,some the warnings nto northernere, too. florida. talk about storm. sben flirtin with us. i think it's rain for most of us. d.c. to new york. and central massachusetts, new hampshire and maine will get snow. very wet. flood warnings going on from louisiana through alabama.cf1 ad >> k so, my friend, john -- i
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him. really know him. i'm calling him i'm calling him my friend. he icago.s, i'm from chicago. i went to bewent to tucson and this is what i get. not the best of vacations. in nebraska, too, we didn't get to mention too much of it. they had plenty of snow. some places, more than eight oh,es. thanks for sending the photos up. i promised you an oh, my l byness moment. it's coming up. >> going to make us squeal by midwesterners. right now for it is oscar weekend. and you're in the right place right now for all of the pregame action. carpet press, to team "gma" is covering the oscars as never before, from red carpet press, to the after-party, to the secret rehearsals for host seth macfarlane. here's abc's sececilia vega. >> reporter: the red carpet is out. for the pagne chilled. there's nothing left to do but to final touches for the
4:17 am
oscars. out all of >> and the oscar goes to -- >> reporter: that and to hand th out all of the statues. host seth macfarlane is putting the final touches on his jokes. >> it will take a whole bunch of people who have everything and ive them a trophy. >> reporter: at a recent rehearsal, he reportedly had the whole control room production crew and the show's director aughing hysterically. what did he say? i expect to have them so far, it's top-secret. >> probably the toughest udience out there. remember, i expect to have them hating me within the first 30 seconds. >> reporter: the show's producer promised it will be a night to remember, with performances from megaa-listers like, adele. and barbra streisand. ♪ one love that is shared for two ♪ >> reporter: who hasn't sung for >> reporter: who hasn't sung for the oscars in 36 years. >> diva-licious is the sizing of th the cake on the entire show. >> reporter: the show
4:18 am
entertainment is down to the details to attend ofthe governor's ball there's a few details to attend to. 1,200 pounds of lobster. unds of steak. and all those from ounds of steak. and all those ministatues. from salmon, to chocolate. >> it is the greatest party. we combine great taste with left, style. it >> reporter: with one day left, movie ime for lights, camera, ter: and for this year's >> this is the super bowl of the oscar usiness. >> reporter: and for this year's party, hollywood's oscar ce forecast calls, for sunny skies. for "good morning america," cecilia vega, abc news, los statuette, need >> and an oscar statuette, need that. the preshow all of the action will be right ate on abc tomorrow night. the preshow starts at 7:00 eastern, 4:00 pacific, followed by the main event at 8:00. on monday morning, "gma's" oscar party with the stars is packed with interviews with the winners and all the best moments on
4:19 am
stage and off. >> finally get to see what the ladies will be wearing, my favorite part of the night. ek a big part of it for me, too. >> and of course, we can't -- i'm sure it is. we can't let the morning go without talking about what an amazing week it's been at "gma" and abc. after five months of being away on medical leave, our colleague, robin roberts, returned home, back to the anchor desk that just wasn't the same without er. diane sawyer >> fantastic having her back. she was gone for 174 days, for a life-saving bone marrow louiseant. she sat down with her friend diane sawyer for an intimate conversation about her dramatic road to recovery. when >> thelma and louise ride again. >> reporter: for seven years, we were next to each other, facing every morning. he good days, the tough days, and then, good days again. when you wake up in the morning, i what's different now? long >> i feel pretty much like
4:20 am
o want to comfort us. i mean, for many, many days and months, it was just a fogginess. i was taking the funk for a long time. transplant. i was faking the funk, for a e strength you've got. cularnew i was. we want to comfort those people who want to comfort us. >> reporter: comfort, through the hard reality that comes with the miracle of a bone marrow transplant. all but even if you believe in miracles, sometimes it takes all the strength you've got. >> i remember one particular evening, not feeling well at se, jennie -- a mjust slipping away. and all of a sudden, as clear as all getout, i heard my name. robin? robin? >> reporter: did you think of i just remember opening my eyes. and my sweet nurse, jennie -- mo always had a mask on. trueyes are this large. and she's looking at me. i almost wanted to go, what? >> reporter: did you think of at that moment you had a choice? if she hadn't been there? >> i was thinking about my mom a
4:21 am
to where and in fact, truth be known, at first, i thought it was my mom, calling my name. and in a way, i think it was my eryone struggling a and not for me to come to where she is now. but for me to stay where i am. >> reporter: returning, to bring everyone struggling a message. faith, family, friends and the power you have within. what do you see when you look in your eyes, you own eyes now, in the morning? i know people >> you know what? i see a strong woman. i know people have said that how we rea but we all know our own insecurities. and we all know how we really feel about ourselves. i feel strength, like i have never felt before. i do. if this has taught me do. if this has taught me anything, it's that there's a finite amount of time that we all have eanto whatever it is we're meant to d nowo. and nowhere is it written that
4:22 am
we should not be happy. >> she is >> she is an extraordinary woman. broadcast, murder coming up here on the broadcast, murder for hire. the kindergarten teacher accused of trying to arrange a hit on her ex-husband. keep it here. [ male announcer ] at pedigree, we're donating our food to shelters in need.
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now you can help too. when you buy a bag of pedigree, you'll help more shelter dogs go home. join us. feed your dog pedigree. and you'll help us feed more shelter dogs. .
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♪ the question is morning, there these two find love? these two guys are looking in a very unusual way. posting an appeal on craigslist for wedding dates. could these pictures work? they did for one woman. why she fell for their pitch. they describe themselves as sensitive, but still bad boys. works all the time. >> that's what claiborne and i describe on our facebook. >> it works. also coming up, the
4:29 am
impossibly cool opportunity that six student filmmakers are getting at tomorrow night's oscar ceremony. what they had to do to prove themselves to the host seth macfarlane to be seen on the world's biggest stage. it's a dream team of sorts to tell you about. susan boyle, wynonna judd, lance bass and the village people are teaming up on a song. you won't believe what miracle is bringing together this motley crew of people. >> what a bizarre world of "we are the world." case of murder for hire. a kindergarten teacher and a nurse. john muller has the story. >> reporter: wearing handcuffs and a jail orange jumper, cathy bennett traded a school room for the courtroom. police say the nurse tried to
4:30 am
help her friend, angela nolen, a kindergarten teacher, hire a hitman to kill nolen's ex-husband. they both worked at santag elementary school. the school superintendent reassuring parents and students. >> the events did not involve the schools or any students. and your children are as safe was we can reasonably make them. >> reporter: nolen is accused of paying $4,000 to an undercover police officer she thought was a hitman on tuesday. the job, to kill her ex-husband, father of their 7-year-old daughter. >> mr. strickler was very surprised. >> reporter: his client had no idea. that divorce proceedings were ordinary with no red flags. and angela nolen had full custody of their adopted daughter. >> mr. strickler found out about the alleged plot the day
4:31 am
ms. nolen was arrested. obviously, he was in shock and distraught. >> reporter: this morning, the kindergarten teacher and the school nurse accused of plotting a murder-for-hire are both behind bars. >> it's so egregious. you have to look at that and the danger to the community. that's what the commonwealth is worried about. >> reporter: investigators haven't offered any motive in this case. they were alerted to nolen and bennett by an unnamed caller. if convicted, they could face 40 years behind bars. a lot of other stories breaking overnight. for that, as always, mr. ron claiborne. >> good morning, everyone. we begin with a dire warning from the white house that automatic spending cuts could have dire consequences affecting the military, civilian air travel and even cause meat shortages. without a budget deal, those cuts are set to take effect this coming friday. and a rough homecoming for
4:32 am
families affected by hurricane sandy. four months after the storm, some in new jersey were allowed back into their homes. and a crucial decision in the trayvon martin case. a judge denied to question martin's family attorney under oath about an unnamed witness. zimmer man's trial is set for next june. a walmart employee in indiana was charged with felony theft after being caught eating oreo cookies on the job. she admitted allegedly she didn't pay for. she also allegedly admitted stealing cookies over the past four years. >> that's a lot of cookies. felony charge would have been severe. time, now, for the weather. over to ginger zee. >> here it is. i promised you an oh, my moment. ice boulders on lake michigan. ice forms on the lake. they think they break off. and like a stone gets smoother with the time as the waves go
4:33 am
over them, they form. lena olmstead. thank you for this. 28 chicago. 33 green bay and detroit. that high pulling in. the cold air toward the east coast. warnl out west. if you're going to the oscars, windy is the word. maybe you'll see lip glass catching the hair. this weather report brought to you by minibabybel cheese. you have to do matte lipstick. >> i've heard bianna say, she said, oh, pete.
4:34 am
in russian. it would be hard to imagine a cooler opportunity for a fledging filmmaker. that's happening for six, young film students. how did this go down? our entertainment reporter, and host of "on the red carpet," rachel smith, has the story. >> reporter: along with the glitz, glam and gorgeous celebs at the oscars, you may get a glimpse of these film students. >> there you go. >> reporter: oscar producers and host seth macfarlane decided to get young filmmakers in on the act, asking them to make a video on how they contribute to the future of movies. >> a big deal for anybody to get to go to the oscars. and to see it from the stage, to get a look at all of the dreadful gowns up close is going to be a treat for somebody. >> reporter: move over models. this year, it will be one of the six winners of the oscar
4:35 am
experience college search, handing oscars to the celebrity presenters. today, they're practicing for the big night. why is this such a great opportunity for the six of you to participate in something like that? >> i think it's a once-in-a-lifetime experience because of the magnitude of this. the privilege is amazing. >> being here is a great opportunity. especially for networking. >> reporter: every winner has a unique life perspective. >> filmmaking is my passion. and it would be this marine's dream come true to go to the oscars. >> reporter: jennifer was a combat correspondent in the united states marine corps. >> i will be bringing the honor, courage and commitment values into my film career. >> reporter: could these newbies teach me a thing or two about presenting? >> i'm going to try to not stand something like this. >> reporter: okay. would you like to present the oscar now? >> sure. right this way. >> reporter: wonderful, a.j. wonderful.
4:36 am
those six have got it all down for the big event. it was truly a privilege speaking with them in the midst of their incredible journey. perhaps, the 100th celebration of the oscars, the envelope will reveal one of their names. i snagged the exclusive interview. so, dan and bianna, don't get any ideas. >> is it bad that i'm rooting for jennifer? go, longhorns. we're going to come back to you for "pop news" in a little bit. and a reminder. for all things oscar, tune into abc news, at 7:00 eastern, 4:00 pacific. you can watch the live red carpet action on the big show. and monday morning, it's "gma's" oscar party with the stars. and coming up on "good morning america," two brothers in need of dates for a family wedding. and the hilarious craigslist ad that had a big response. and justin timberlake is preparing to rock a lot of bodies this summer with help from a very famous friend. who he will be sharing the stage from a very famous friend. who he will be sharing the stage with, coming up.
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okay. these two definitely deserve credit for originality. they're brothers. and they've taken out an ad on
4:41 am
craigslist, looking for dates for an upcoming wedding. >> it seems to be working. gio benitez is here with that. >> reporter: it worked for dan, right? >> yes. a long story. >> reporter: dave and mike have gotten more than 800 responses to their online search for love. the biggest challenge, now, is trying to sort through all the women who said yes to their offer. this is the craigslist ad everyone's talking about. two brothers, posing as centaurs, searching for dates to their cousin's wedding next month in new york. mike and dave are promising open bar and food all-night. bro-to-bro dance moves. and stories once their story is developed into a comedy. what are the guys like? dashingly tall. respect flif athletic. sensitive but still bad boys. >> i'm ready to wedding. >> reporter: lily and her friend, kane, are hoping for an
4:42 am
invite. lily saw the ad and quickly replied. >> the way they describe themselves, i said it to my friends and family, wow, you found your match. they put it out there. and their ad was just perfect. >> reporter: the guys want the girls to respond in pairs. sisters, friends, enemies. they also say, you should be attractive or our aunts will judge you. but not too attractive or one of our uncles might grope you. and they intend to make up flattering lies of you on the spot. >> reporter: mike and dave even want girls to attach their resumes. after all, it's a classy wedding. they want well-rounded women. but even they admit, this all feels kind of creepy. it wasn't easy to get in touch with them. when we called, their voicemail is full. so is their e-mail. >> i'm interested to see who they picked. coming up on "gma," what could bring everybody from wynonna judd to the village
4:43 am
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all right. it's "pop news." we usually prefer when rachel smith is with us here in new york. it's a good excuse this weekend, out in l.a. >> good morning. i miss you, too. a little thing called the oscars going on. anyway, back to "pop news." first up, justin timberlake is bringing sexy back this summer in the legends of summer tour. j.t. is teaming up with jay-z for shows in 12 of the biggest stadium, including yankee stadium, fenway park and the rose bowl. judging from the behavior of the new mrs. timberlake, at justin's performance earlier this week,
4:48 am
no one is happier about his upcoming show on the road. check out those moves. and oscar mania is going mobile. check out abc's official oscars app for iphone, android and kindle. in addition to exclusive videos, info on all of the nominees, it lets you design your own preshow. you can download the app for free. and the oscar party kicks off at 7:00, 4:00 pacific, right here on abc. dan, brace yourself. this morning, we are taking cute kitten videos to a whole new level. bbc earth has captured the first footage ever of a tiger mom and cubs this young in the wild. newborn tigers can't see yet. so, they usually stumble around. but these guys seem pretty adventurous. how did the cameras get so close? it turns out, they were mounted
4:49 am
on elephants so filming wouldn't spook the cats. after all, you never want to mess with momma, right? and finally, usually when a group of celebrities get together it's to promote a good cause. this time, the desired miracle bringing stars out is actually for miracle whip. wynonna judd, lance bass, susan boyle, and the village people are some of the folks joining together. take a little look. ♪ open your mind open your mouth ♪ >> that's quite a gathering there. pretty soon, mayo may need to fight back with its own ad. this psa is climbing the youtube charts with more than 250,000 hits and counting. >> thank you, rachel. i'm surprised they couldn't get jay-z and j.t. for that one.
4:50 am
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and we want to thank you for watching abc news. we're always online at on yahoo! watch "world news" with david muir this evening. in for david muir, dan harris. double-duty, today and tomorrow. >> if i look tired, you know why.
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>> good morning, everyone. i'm katie marzullo. lisa, it's a little wet out there this morning. >> it certainly is. we have the damp pavement. some economist drizzle from our roof camera. sunrise 6:49. as you head out this morning, yeah, you will have some of that wet pavement out there. there's a weak system that's allowing for a little bit in the way of mist and drizzle out there. otherwise cloudy skies. numbers from the upper 40s to
4:59 am
the lower 50s. we are looking at the atmosphere really drying out this afternoon. temperatures in the upper 50s for the highs and the mid-60s around the bay. it should be just a few degrees cooler in san francisco. tonight the clean niece knew year's parade and it looks good. no rain. mainliler with numbers dropping through the 50s. we pretty good outlook for the weekend. will we continue to be dry in i'll let you know later. >> robert was sent to san quentin on the testimony of a witness who dried. this morning after more than six years in jail, he's a free man. john alston has for from the jail in dublin. >> well-wishers showed up to see ronald ross at his mother's home in west oakland. only two hours earlier he walked out of jail a free man for the first time in nearly seven years. seven years he should have never lost. >> i can see sunshine again

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